Culture Shift

We help leaders and organisations shape, shift, strengthen, and sustain Cultures.

CultureShift enables you to better understand your culture today, shape your desired culture, make sustainable shifts toward your chosen culture, and accelerate your CultureShift.

Our approach helps leaders and organisations to make the intangible, tangible and actionable.

We know that culture is dynamic and shifting culture on purpose can be iterative, so we take a menu approach to our offering. Each engagement is bespoke and based on your needs. This allows you to pick and mix what is right for you, and to flex as your needs evolve. We love partnering with our clients over the longer term.


We work with you to understand your current culture, including its strengths and shadows. Then we determine what should be retained, refreshed, and replaced as well as what’s required for your future. CultureAssess can meet your needs as a standalone audit or review, or to kickstart a full Cultureshift with us.


We guide you through co-creation and articulation, helping you and your people to shape and articulate your chosen culture.

Our Culture Incubator is the centrepiece of CultureAspire. We focus on what matters most to design your chosen culture. From this, your people produce culture anchors and culture assets such as purpose statements, principles or values, team agreements, leadership charters, and more.


Leaders are key to activating and sustaining culture. Our Leading Culture workshop enables leaders to shift their leadership to align with the chosen culture and build readiness for launch.

We work with you to tailor your culture launch activities - low-key or high energy, we'll help you engage your teams to shift your Culture.


We love working with new and established teams, bringing them together with purpose-built programs. Our workshops and retreats create alignment and cohesion while building the chosen team culture. (button to teamshift)

Team Shift


Our range of Leadership Capability and Team Cohesion programs can be deployed to help you accelerate your CultureShift. We work with executive teams through to frontline leaders.

We focus on leading teams and leading culture with a variety of modules. These range from Leading Culture and Ways of Working to our flagship Leadershift program which challenges and guides leadership to better lead in the new world of work.

Leader Shift


By targeting your supporting people frameworks, systems, and tools, you can deliver on the promise made through the CultureAspire and CultureActivate stages faster. 

We understand that mobilising existing People & Culture teams can put a strain on your resources. This is where we come in - we can assist you to refresh or replace key people frameworks, systems, and tools with culturally aligned ones that help rather than hinder your CultureShift.

Not sure where to start?

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Shift to a culture that works. A culture that will grow and sustain your organisation. A sticky culture where people want to stick around.

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Shift to a culture that works. A culture that will grow and sustain your organisation. A sticky culture where people want to stick around.

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